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We’re German and Ella. We currently live and work in London, England.  “Let’s Take a Year Off” was born in 2016, when we decided our three abroad holidays a year, just wasn’t enough anymore! Every time we were coming back from a holiday, standing in the airport, waiting for our flight, all we would talk about is how we could “take a year off” and make our holidaying habit a full time job/life style.

A couple of months ago we had the conversation that a lot of people have. Do we go travelling or do we get a mortgage and buy our first home? It’s not an easy decision, but we decided we could do both! If we bought a house right now, then it would be a struggle financially to go on even one holiday a year (do you know how expensive it is to live near/in London?!) and we thought we would always wish we had travelled the world and had the adventure of a lifetime. The house could wait a year!

So there came the idea of ‘Let’s Take a Year Off”. We would continue saving up for another year, book our Round The World ticket and then spend a year (or so) living our dreams ,experiencing life around the world, and blogging the whole adventure. Then when we evenually came home, we could work our butts off for a year (or so), buy our first home – and fill it with amazing photos of our travels! In all honesty, it’s a scary thought going travelling. Leaving for a long period of time, not seeing your family, friends or pets (we have two dogs – Lila and Luna), and not having the stability of a full time job and income that you are so used to! It’s cliche, but the phrase that always comes to mind is – “you only live once”, and it’s so true! 

We thought starting a travel blog would be a great way to document our adventures and share them with you. Whether you are travelling the world yourself, or like us, have dreamt about doing so, or you just want something to read at your desk! We hope you enjoy our blog and seeing the world through our eyes! 

We do have a couple of trips planned before we leave for the big one (oops!), so we will be taking you with us on those to, in the upcoming weeks/months we will be visiting Tenerife, Ibiza, Spain, Thailand and Rome. 



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