48 Hours In Bangkok

 Thailand is a country which has something for everyone. Stunning beaches, beautiful country side, as well as, mountains, islands, wildlife parks, waterfalls, nightlife and everything in-between! It’s easy when planning your trip, to feel as though Bangkok is just a gateway to all of these places and experiences, when in fact, it is an experience in its own right and not to be missed!

Yes, it’s busy, even overwhelming. The traffic can be bad and it’s crazily hot and humid. But where else can you find a city with so much to offer? From temples to skyscrapers, high-end shopping malls to floating markets, hostels to 50-storey five star hotels, and Michelin star restaurants, next to super cheap, street food stalls. 

Intense Bangkok Traffic

 Give yourself enough time to explore the city, wander around the temples and take advantage of how cheap and delicious the street food is!

We stayed at the Grande Centre Point hotel in Ratchadamri and it was amazing! Our view from the 43rd floor was stunning and our room – although “room” does not do our grand, luxe, suite justice – was perfect, as was the service we received.  The hotel also had a pool and spa on the 10th floor, which was the perfect place to spend an hour at the end of a long day exploring Bangkok.

View of Bangkok

On our first evening we decided to jump in a tuk tuk to Koh San Road, to see what all of the fuss is about!

Top Tip: Watch out for being ripped off by tuk tuk drivers! Always confirm the price before you get in, and if it sounds too much, then it probably is!

Koh San Road wasn’t our favourite place in Bangkok, but is definitely worth a visit. Backpacker central, Koh San Road is home to hostels, lively bars and a variety of insects on sticks to eat. The food and alcohol is more expensive here than other places we visited, but the atmosphere is fun and you can easily spend a couple of hour’s people watching! 

Dinner at Khao San Road

On our second day in Bangkok we spent the morning in Lumpini Park – Bangkok’s answer to Central Park. Located in the centre of the city, it is a tranquil escape from the madness of Bangkok. Beautifully landscaped and relaxing, we loved spending the morning there, and even got to see a couple of the wild Komodo dragons that wander the park! 

Visit to Lumpini Park

From Lumpini Park, we jumped in a taxi to the BKM shopping centre. 

Top Tip: While getting around the city, if you are not using public transport then your best bet is to get one of the pink taxis. They run on meters and we found them to be much, much cheaper than any of the mini cab services or tuk tuks. 

BKM is one of Bangkok’s many HUGE shopping centres. The shopping centres in Bangkok are insane; BKM in particular, is several floors consisting of, hundreds of stalls and shops, and can be slightly overwhelming. You are still expected to haggle the prices of things here, and you will find everything you could possibly need among the madness! We had lunch in the food court at BKM, which was full of locals on their lunch breaks and there was a vast selection of different food stalls/restaurants. The food was delicious and super cheap!  

Chanel at Embassy Shopping Centre

Fact: Bangkok is a shopping haven; you can literally find everything here. From cheap electronics, knock off designer clothes and accessories to malls filled with every designer store you could imagine. If you think you will do some shopping then make sure you have room to store what you buy, we made this mistake and ended up lugging an extra bag around for the rest of the trip (obviously Ella’s fault not German’s!).

On our way back to the hotel, we spent some time sightseeing and admiring the beautiful temples that are scattered around the city.  

View of Temples in Bangkok

That evening we headed to the Asiatique Shopping centre. This is more of an outdoor mall, and was really nice, well laid out and modern. It is set along the river, and has great views of the city at night. If you want an even better view, you can go for a ride on its big wheel – no need to pre-book this, you can buy tickets on the day.

Asiatique Ferris Wheel

We chose not to eat in the main shopping centre, as it was quite expensive and we wanted something a little more authentic! Across the road we found a little, open-fronted café and had fresh fruit smoothies, pad Thai and fried rice – yum!

Dinner At Asiatique

The next morning we had an early flight to Chiang Mai, so after a short but sweet stay, we said goodbye to Bangkok. We didn’t manage to do everything that we wanted to, but with more time, we would have loved to explore the floating markets, and see more of the temples. However, we know that we will be back, and next time for longer!

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